Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Before I Met Him

Three and a half years ago, I told myself not to be in a relationship. I wanted to just focus on my studies and developing my career. And I said that over and over. But things just happen! And so, it happened to me..

I was so passionate about dancing until I decided to take up dancing class to learn proper dance, not just some freestyle moves. So I chose salsa. I searched high and low, for dance studio and found quite a number of studios in Klang Valley. Initially, I wanted to join Linda Jasmine since she's a very good dancer and well-known for that. However, the location of the studio was not convenient for me, at all. Left with no better choice, I had to pick the one that is in between my parents' and granny's house which is HavanaEstudio in TTDI.

And I had no idea what I got myself into.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I wonder.
Can a husband take care of the kids, alone while the wife's out of the town for some work?

I doubt so. I went up to Genting Highlands recently. Won a night stay and 2 tix to watch Mysteria Show. Came down the very next day. So, I asked my beau to drop me off at my grandma’s house since my class got cancelled (Damn!! Was excited for the class).

I saw my uncle’s car parked outside of the casa. I wondered, what was he doing here, if there was nothing? Ya, it was Tuesday afternoon. Everyone should be working at that time, assuming that those people work on decent hours. (Right?)

I entered the house with my right foot and said ‘Hi’ to my uncle and his daughter, Iman. Iman is only 30 months old. But she doesn’t look like her age. I thought she was 4 - ‘cause she’s tall.

My uncle began to reveal everything as I sat on my aunt’s favorite couch. Hahaha… I was laughing to myself. And at the same time worried about the future… Geez… You’ll know why as you scroll down and read every sentence that I’ve posted.

His wife, went to Terengganu for a seminar. His child, was having a high fever soon after the mother of the child kissed goodbye on her forehead.

Though it was only for 3 days, he felt like she’s gone for months. It was really hard for him to ‘manage’ everything by himself. Normally, his wife will feed their only child. His wife will clean up the house. His wife will stay up at night to look after Iman when she’s sick. She does everything. But, he helps around too la..

Sounds familiar?

Yeap, happened in my family too, when I was still an infant. Poor mom. I’m sure you face the same shall I say, ‘problem’, too.

You always say, you love your wife. You love your kids. That they are everything to you. But, why do you ‘dump’ everything on her shoulder? I know that you are supposed to work, to support the family; and wives are supposed to stay at home and look after the children. I agree with that.

But, remember the purpose of marriage. You married someone that you love 'cause you wanted to start a family with her. NOT to order her around. She’s neither a slave nor a maid. And she’s got only two hands with 10 fingers.


Don’t take this as an advantage to go against your husband. It is your responsibility to look after the house after all. But if you can’t handle it alone, you may request for a ‘helper’ (maid) from your husband. If he can’t afford, too bad, DEAL WITH IT. You should think about all this before you said ‘I Do’. It’s a reality, babes. Wake up!!!

Work on the communication. I'm sure you'll find the solution. Good luck guys!!